Windows firewall, force domain profile

In this tutorial, I will explain how to change the network profile of the firewall on Windows. It happens that after a restart, the profile of the firewall goes private, we will see how to change it back to the domain profile. The connection profile on a network adapter is especially useful when different firewall …

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Rename a computer with PowerShell


In this “how” tutorial I will explain how to rename a computer in PowerShell. Using PowerShell allows you to go more empty than going through the graphical interface which requires going through several configuration windows. Rename a computer with PowerShell In a PowerShell prompt use: Rename-Computer The PowerShell command to rename a computer is Rename-Computer. …

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Outlook : autodiscover disable SCP Active Directory

In this troubleshooting tutorial, we’ll see how to prevent Outlook autodiscover from using the Active Directory SCP point for mailbox configuration. What this type of “trick” is used for: If the computer environment in which you already have an Exchange installation and the mail servers have not been properly uninstalled. If you find yourself in …

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