Ubuntu: show default gateway

Here is how to display the default gateway on Ubuntu from the command line. Ubuntu 20.04 + (without net tools) Ubuntu 18.04 – (with net-tools)

Hyper-V : create a NAT switch

Microsoft Hyper-v

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create a NAT switch (virtual switch) on Hyper-V. Before getting into the technical explanations, I will explain in a few words, what a NAT switch is. If you have already used another hypervisor such as vmware or virtualbox for example, this type of switch is available by …

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Active Directory : add a UPN suffix

Presentation In this tutorial, I will explain how to add a UPN suffix in an Active Directory domain. Before launching, we will see what is UPN (User Principal Name) and the suffix. The UPN is made up of two parts, the account identifier 1 + the suffix 2. The default suffix is the domain name …

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Sophos XG: routing DNS queries

DNS configuration

Presentation of routing DNS queries on Sophos XG The routing of DNS queries is similar to a conditional redirector under Windows, which allows to indicate for a DNS zone the server or servers to contact to resolve a record. This type of routing is useful in the case where your network consists of several private …

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How to install and configure Windows server routing


In this tutorial, I will explain how to set up routing with Windows Server. I regularly use this role in the different labs that I put in place under Hyper-V. I isolate the test platform with a private switch and I use a virtual machine with two network interfaces. One card is connected to the …

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