Hyper-V : enable nested virtualization

Presentation Nested virtualization is a feature available on Hyper-V from Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10, which enables virtualization options in a virtual machine. To put it simply, nested virtualization allows virtualization in a virtual machine. There are also some prerequisites : The Hyper-V host must be on Windows Server 2016/2019 or Windows 10 1607 …

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Windows 10: use the Remote Desktop app

Presentation In this tutorial, we will see how to use the Remote Desktop application available in the application store. The application is also available for Android and Iphone The Remote Desktop application available in application stores, manages Remote Desktop connections and supports RemoteApp. On Windows 10, it replaces the default RDP link. Installing the Remote …

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Windows export a power profile


Intro In business, it happens regularly when we make Windows images for MDT / WDS, that we want to save the power profile so that we can import it across the fleet. Certain business application does not support standby when the user does not disconnect from it. On Windows, the powercfg command line tool allows …

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Join a computer to an Active Directory domain

To join a computer to a domain you have several possibilities: By graphical interface Command Line (CMD, PowerShell) Prerequisites be an administrator on the local workstation. have an account on the domain (preferably administrator). at the network configuration level, have dns a domain controller. By the graphical interface 1. Open Windows Explorer. 2. Right-click on …

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Delete a service on Windows

Delete service

In this tutorial, we will see how to remove a Windows service by the registry. Sometimes some software does not remove their service during the uninstall, here’s how. Open the Service Console and make sure it is shut down. Open the regedit registry editor. Go to the following location : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services then look for the …

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Windows 10: Using the sandbox

Presentation Windows 10 Sandbox allows you to launch an isolated Windows 10 (build 18342) environment to perform tests in all security. Prerequisites Enable virtualization in the BIOS. Have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. Installation Open the Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, and click Enable or Disable Windows Features 1 . Check Windows Sandbox …

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