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Posts tagged as “Migration”

Upload PSTs on Office 365 and import into accounts


When migrating to Office 365, you may need to return the history of old mailboxes in the news using the PST archives. There are several ways to do this: Import from the Outlook client directly (I highly recommend this solution). IMAP copies from the Office 365 migration interface. Send PSTs on Microsoft servers for import. In this article, we will…

Hyper-V: migration of a machine between two hosts


In this tutorial, we will see how to move a virtual machine from one Hyper-V host to another host. This feature is called Dynamic Migration, it should not be confused with the feature that has the same name in the failover cluster. Dynamic migration lets you move a running virtual machine to another hyper-v if you have compatible processor models…

How to update GLPI


In this tutorial I will explain how to update GLPI. Before updating GLPI, I strongly recommend that you make a full backup (file + database). Once your backup is done, you should also check the following: If you use plugins, that they are compatible with the new version That your environment is compatible (Apache / IIS, PHP, Mysql / MariaDB…

Exchange: Removing Traces from an Exchange 2003 Server


Context In an Exchange environment that has been upgraded several times, the old “active” servers may be kept in case something has been left out. If for some reason, the old servers have not been decommissioned and it is no longer possible to do so, we can have blockages in the administration (basic removal …). Solution It must be deleted…

Exchange Minimal / Express hybrid migration to Office 365


Presentation This article shows you how to migrate your local Exchange environment to Office 365. The advantage of this migration is to be transparent to the users, there is no need to redo the mail profiles and (re) download the OST. The phones / tablets will need to be reconfigured manually once the box is moved. Prerequisites To complete this…

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