Zabbix – monitor an Nginx web server

In this new tutorial dedicated to Zabbix, I will explain how to monitor a web server under Nginx in order to have performance metrics. For monitoring, Zabbix agent should be installed on Nginx server, as we will use it to collect statics which will then send to Zabbix monitoring server. Before configuring monitoring at Zabbix …

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Monitor Veeam in PRTG

Introduction In this tutorial, we will see how to monitor Veeam using PRTG. Having the results of the backups in PRTG makes it possible to centralize the monitoring of the infrastructure in a single console and to reduce notification emails. Prerequisites On the PRTG server, it is necessary to install the Veeam management console, it …

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PRTG: supervision of MSA arrays


In this tutorial, we will see how to supervise an HP MSA 1040/1050/2040/2050 storage array. Prerequisites You must create an equipment group in PRTG to add the two controllers. Supervision of MSA disk array All the sensors were created from the PRTG web interface. Controller A Click on Add a device 1. Give a name …

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MDT: enable monitoring

More info

In MDT, it is possible to activate the monitoring, which makes it possible to follow the deployment of the stations and to have a progress report from the console. The state of the deployments is kept for 3 days. Activation of the monitoring To enable monitoring, right-click on the MDT share and click Properties. Go …

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Veeam ONE: installation and configuration

Overview backup

Veeam ONE is a “free” software package offered by Veeam for virtual infrastructure supervision. Veeam ONE consists of software: Veeam ONE Monitor which allows the supervision of hypervisors (Hyper-V and VMware) and virtual machines. It is also possible Veeam ONE Reporter which allows to generate reports on the virtual environment. 1. Mount the ISO on …

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