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Posts tagged as “SSL”

Sophos XG: change the SSL VPN port


By default the SSL VPN port on the Sophos XG firewall is 8443, since version 17.1 it is possible to change the VPN listening port. Using port 443 for VPN blocks listening to this port for other services (forward / WAF). 1. From the web interface, go to VPN 1 and click on Show VPN settings 2 . 2. Change…

Kemp: solve the problem of mixed content


If you use Kemp to dump to pass an internet site in HTTPS, it is possible that part of the content of the site (images, css, js) does not appear, the browser returns a Mixed Content error, it means that calls to resources are made in HTTP. To solve this problem, one must make a rule that will rewrite the…

Setting up a certification authority under Windows 2012R2 / 2016


Presentation A Certificate Authority (CA) can issue certificates for internal internet sites, RDS connections … The advantage of having a CA is having to deploy a single certificate on the computers, and some Windows services require certificates from a CA to work: RemoteApp Client RDP HTML5 On Windows, there are two types of CAs (summary): Company: CA linked to an…

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS over IIS


In this tutorial, we’ll see how to automatically redirect http requests to https under IIS. Prerequisites : Valid configuration of your site with SSL. Have the Rewrite module installed under IIS. The Rewrite module is available with Web App Redirect HTTP to HTTPS 1. Open the IIS console, go to site 1 where the redirection must be set up and…

Installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate on IIS


Introducing Let’s Encrypt Let’s Encrypt is a free certificate authority that issues certificates for securing Internet sites. The process is fully automated and instantaneous. The advantage is to be able to pass your site in HTTPS free. Installing a certificate under IIS 1. Download WACS which is a client that allows the generation of your certificates. The client must be…

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