Testing the bandwidth on a local network with iPerf

IPerf overview iPerf is a client / server command line utility that allows you to perform bandwidth testing on a local network between two machines. iPerf will make it possible to perform a throughput test and to diagnose a possible bottleneck on a network between two points. By opening the appropriate ports, it is also …

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Windows firewall, force domain profile

In this tutorial, I will explain how to change the network profile of the firewall on Windows. It happens that after a restart, the profile of the firewall goes private, we will see how to change it back to the domain profile. The connection profile on a network adapter is especially useful when different firewall …

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Hyper-V: Create a virtual switch

Commutateur créé

Presentation A virtual switch in Hyper-V is a virtual switch that allows the connection of network adapters to be created using Hyper-V (virtual machine or host). Under Hyper-V, there are 3 types of virtual switches: External : Create a physical switch that is attached to the physical network adapter so that computers can access a …

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