WSUS migrate the database on sqlexpress

Connexion à WID

In this tutorial, I will explain how to migrate your WSUS database, which is default on Windows Internal Database to SQLExpress. Since Windows Server 2016, the installation of WSUS can be done directly on a SQL Server (Express) database. Why migrate to SQLExpress? There are several answers to this question: For performance and stability reasons, …

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WSUS: maintenance and optimization

WSUS - clean space

Intro In this tutorial, I will explain how to maintain and optimize the installation of your WSUS service to keep it in optimal operating condition. If your WSUS console shuts down regularly, I advise you to switch the database to SQL Server. For that you have two solutions: Migrate the existing database to SQL Server. …

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SQL Server: Set up a backup plan

Edit plan

Introduction In this article, I will explain how to set up a backup plan with SQL Server. In this tutorial, we will use the wizard available in SSMS to configure the database to save as well as the schedule and then we will modify the plan to indicate the location. Prerequisites SQL Server (no Express …

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