Crowdsec: protecting Windows servers

In a previous tutorial, I explained how to protect your Linux servers with Crowdsec in order to block “malicious” traffic. For almost 2 months now, the Crowdsec version has been available for Windows. If you are not yet familiar with Crowdsec, here is a brief presentation: Crowdsec will analyze different log files (Web, firewall, SSH, …

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Windows firewall, force domain profile

In this tutorial, I will explain how to change the network profile of the firewall on Windows. It happens that after a restart, the profile of the firewall goes private, we will see how to change it back to the domain profile. The connection profile on a network adapter is especially useful when different firewall …

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Sophos XG : add a vlan

In this article, I’ll explain how to declare a vlan on your Sophos XG firewall. Before you create it on the firewall, you must make sure that the port of the switch where the firewall is connected is tagged. Go to the firewall administration web interface, in the left menu click NETWORK 1 . The …

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Sophos XG: installation on Hyper-V

Login page

In this tutorial, we will have how to install a Sophos XG firewall on a virtual machine with Hyper-V. For this article, I used the Sophos XG home version which is available for free. Prerequisites Download the ISO firewall on the site sophos and recover the license key that will be sent by email. Create a …

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Sophos XG: secure emails

Portail user

Introduction In this tutorial, we will see how to secure emails with a Sophos XG firewall. The firewall offers two modes of operation for filtering emails: MTA : the firewall will act as an SMTP relay Legacy : it will be placed in transparent mode, which we will see in this tutorial. In both modes …

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SOPHOS XG : clientless access

Clientless access presentation Client-free access to Sophos XG firewalls allows connections to corporate servers without a VPN client by going directly through an internet browser as Citrix does. Clientless access configure Firewall configuration 1. Go to the firewall administration interface. 2. From the navigation menu go to Administration 1 / Device Access 2 and verify …

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