Sophos XG: routing DNS queries


The routing of DNS queries is similar to a conditional redirector under Windows, which allows to indicate for a DNS zone the server or servers to contact to resolve a record.

This type of routing is useful in the case where your network consists of several private domains or for a public domain (yours) not to use a public service (ISP, Google ….), which makes it possible not to have to wait for the spread on the internet.


You must create DNS hosts in the firewall and it must be configured as a DNS server on the clients or as a redirector on the DNS servers.


Go to the administration of the firewall, in menu click NETWORK 1 . From the network configuration page go to the DNS tab and in the Routing section of DNS queries click on Add 3 .
DNS configuration

Indicate the DNS name to be routed 1 , then select the DNS server (s) previously added 2 and click Save 3 .

DNS routing is added, now when the firewall receives DNS requests for the lab.intra domain, queries will automatically be sent to the LAB-AD1 server.

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