Ubuntu: show default gateway

Here is how to display the default gateway on Ubuntu from the command line. Ubuntu 20.04 + (without net tools) Ubuntu 18.04 – (with net-tools)

SSH: authentication by keys


In this tutorial, I will explain how to connect to a linux server / computer in SSH without password using a key pair (private / public). Generate the key pair with ssh-keygen To generate a pair of keys, you must have an SSH client available, it is possible to do it from Windows 10 or …

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Ubuntu: create a user and add it to the sudo group

Small memo to create a user on Ubuntu and add it to the sudo group: Enter the password for the current user (sudo) if necessary, then enter the password for the new account twice and enter additional information as required. Confirm the information by pressing Enter. Now we add the user to the sudo group. …

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Nginx: configuration as reverse proxy

In this tutorial dedicated to Nginx, I will explain how to configure it in order to have a reverse proxy. Before getting to the heart of the matter, I will quickly introduce you to Nginx and what a reverse proxy. For this tutorial, I used an Ubuntu 20.04 machine. Introducing Nginx Nginx is a web …

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Ansible: installation, configuration and use with Windows and Linux

Ansible is open source multi-platform configuration management software (Linux, Windows, network equipment, etc.). In other words, Ansible will allow you to manage, deploy or even execute actions on a group of computers in a “single command line”. Actions / configuration are written to a YAML format file also called playbook. Through this tutorial, I will …

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Ubuntu : install the FusionInventory agent

In this tutorial, I will explain how to install the FusionInventory agent on Ubuntu in order to bring it up in your GLPI inventory. Installation is done from the command line. Installation of prerequisites To function correctly, it is necessary to install several packages first. Enter the command line below to install all dependencies : …

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Ubuntu: install and configure the SNMP service

In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to install and configure the SNMP service on Ubuntu, which will then allow you to monitor the server using PRTG or Centreon for example. We will first install the service on the Ubuntu server and then configure it so that it is accessible by the network …

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Ubuntu: install Visual Studio Code

In this “How To” tutorial, we will see how to install the Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE on Ubuntu. Open Ubuntu Software From the Unity desktop, open the Ubuntu application manager. Search for Visual Studio Code Click on the magnifying glass, to access the search area, enter visual studio and click on the VIsual Studio …

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Linux: extend a partition

Intro In this tutorial, I will explain how to extend a partition on Linux (Ubuntu). This type of operation is common when using virtual machines on Hyper-V for example or on VPS (Virtual Private Server). Before doing anything, you need to make a backup of the virtual machine or the data on it even before …

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