GLPI: installation on an Nginx server

Introduction In this tutorial, we will see step by step how to install GLPI on an Nginx / PHP / MariaDB server. Before you begin, you are going to need a web server with Nginx / PHP / MariaDB installed. If you need everything is explained in this tutorial: Ubuntu: install a web server – …

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PHP on IIS: Installation and Configuration

Icone IIS

Presentation In this tutorial, I will explain how: Install PHP on IIS Configure PHP with PHP Manager for IIS Website creation or vhost Run different PHP versions depending on the site Prerequisites For PHP implementation under IIS, you need a web server with the IIS service. A tutorial is available: Windows Server: IIS installation. PHP …

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IIS: different PHP configuration per site

In this article, I explain how to customize the PHP directives for each of the sites on an IIS server. There are several more or less complex methods. I will introduce the one that for me seems the least restrictive, the use of PATH sections in the configuration of PHP. Configuration of the site in …

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