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Posts tagged as “IIS”

IIS pac and dat files for proxy configuration


By default, IIS does not issue files with .dat and .pac extensions for automatic proxy configuration. If we try to attach to retrieve the file a 404 error page is displayed. Allow proxy configuration files You must declare MIME Types on the IIS server. 1. Open the console, go to server 1 and click on MIME types 2 . 2.…

ARR: Setting Up for Outlook Anywhere


Using ARR as a load balancer for Exchange requires special settings for Outlook Anywhere. IIS setting 1. Open the IIS console and click Request Filtering. 2. On the Actions menu, click Change Function Settings … 3. Change the value Maximum allowable length of the content: 2147483648 (2GB) then click OK. Farm configuration 1. Go to the farm configuration page and…

Redirect HTTP to HTTPS over IIS


In this tutorial, we’ll see how to automatically redirect http requests to https under IIS. Prerequisites : Valid configuration of your site with SSL. Have the Rewrite module installed under IIS. The Rewrite module is available with Web App Redirect HTTP to HTTPS 1. Open the IIS console, go to site 1 where the redirection must be set up and…

Installing a Let’s Encrypt certificate on IIS


Introducing Let’s Encrypt Let’s Encrypt is a free certificate authority that issues certificates for securing Internet sites. The process is fully automated and instantaneous. The advantage is to be able to pass your site in HTTPS free. Installing a certificate under IIS 1. Download WACS which is a client that allows the generation of your certificates. The client must be…

Vbs: IIS log rotation script


Unlike linux, Windows does not have a task for log rotation. Below is a Vbs script that allows you to do this rotation. By adapting the sLogFolder variable, it is possible to run this script for any location where there are log files.