Crowdsec: protecting Windows servers

In a previous tutorial, I explained how to protect your Linux servers with Crowdsec in order to block “malicious” traffic. For almost 2 months now, the Crowdsec version has been available for Windows. If you are not yet familiar with Crowdsec, here is a brief presentation: Crowdsec will analyze different log files (Web, firewall, SSH, …

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GLPI: SSO with IIS – Single sign-on

In this article, I will explain how to implement SSO (Single Sign-On: Single Authentication) with GLPI installed with IIS. SSO saves the user from having to enter identifiers to connect to GLPI. Prerequisites Have configured the Active Directory in GLPI and import the users. In order to set up single authentication for GLPI, you must …

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GLPI on IIS: configuration and installation

In this tutorial, I will explain how to prepare the Windows environment to install GLPI under IIS and how to configure GLPI to send email using an SMTP server. Prerequisites Have the IIS role installed on a server. Install PHP on IIS. A MariaDB or MySQL server. Download the latest version of GLPI. Have an …

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PHP on IIS: Installation and Configuration

Icone IIS

Presentation In this tutorial, I will explain how: Install PHP on IIS Configure PHP with PHP Manager for IIS Website creation or vhost Run different PHP versions depending on the site Prerequisites For PHP implementation under IIS, you need a web server with the IIS service. A tutorial is available: Windows Server: IIS installation. PHP …

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IIS ARR: Installation and Configuration

IIS ARR Presentation ARR is an add-in (plugin) that installs on IIS and allows to transform the Windows Web server into a Reverse Proxy. ARR is a free add-on that installs on an IIS service and allows: HTTP (S) routing Load Balancing Offloading SSL CDN (cache) Example of deployment with IIS / ARR: Prerequisites For …

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IIS installation on Windows Server

Console IIS

IIS (Internet Information Services) is a proprietary WEB server available on Windows systems, many Windows features and software rely on it as: Exchange SharePoint WSUS ADRMS … Like Apache, it supports the PHP language. IIS has a graphical interface for its administration. A module platform and plugins is available natively that allows the addition of …

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