Ubuntu: create a user and add it to the sudo group

Small memo to create a user on Ubuntu and add it to the sudo group: Enter the password for the current user (sudo) if necessary, then enter the password for the new account twice and enter additional information as required. Confirm the information by pressing Enter. Now we add the user to the sudo group. …

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GPO : configure automatic session locking

Overview of the strategy

Presentation In this tutorial, we will see how to activate automatic session locking after a period of inactivity. This group policy increases the level of security, because many users do not lock their session when they leave their workstation. The parameters that we will configure apply to Users. Activate automatic session lock From a domain …

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Change password from the interface RDWEB

Presentation In this tutorial, I will explain how to allow users to change their passwords using the Web Access portal available in a deployment of an RDS farm. To allow password change, you must have RDWEB Access published This solution allows users working exclusively on an RDS environment to change their password when it has …

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GPO: User Folder Redirection

Aperçu de la stratégie

Presentation User Folder Redirection allows Windows to store the contents of certain user profile folders on a network location. This solution has the following advantages: No local file storage. Possibility for users to change computers and find their folders and files. In an RDS environment, you can have the same documents on the user computers …

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QNAP : add a user

User added

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a user on a QNAP NAS. Users are usable on the rights of shared folders and also in add applications. 1. Go to the administration interface and open Control Panel 1 . 2. In the Privilege 1 section, click on Users 2 . 3. Click Create …

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