GPO: Enabling and Configuring WinRM – Remote Management

Presentation In this tutorial, we will have how to enable and configure remote management (WinRM – Windows Remote Management) using a Group Policy (GPO). On Windows Server, remote access (WinRM) is enabled by default, which is not the case for client versions of Windows (10). WinRM allows you to administer the computer using: Server Manager …

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GPO: Folder Redirection – Advanced Settings

Introduction In a previous tutorial: GPO: User Folder Redirection, I explained how to redirect user folders using Group Policy in a simple way. In this article, we are going to have how to set up a folder redirection using the advanced settings. Advanced settings allow using a policy, to write user folders based on an …

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GPO: User Folder Redirection

Aperçu de la stratégie

Presentation User Folder Redirection allows Windows to store the contents of certain user profile folders on a network location. This solution has the following advantages: No local file storage. Possibility for users to change computers and find their folders and files. In an RDS environment, you can have the same documents on the user computers …

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GPO: Configure SSO on RDS Connections

Résumé de la GPO

Presentation In this article, we’ll see how to set up Single Sign-on (SSO) on Remote Desktop (RDS) connections using a GPO. This solution eliminates the need for users to re-enter their login to connect to an RDS server or RemoteApp connections. Policy Configuration – GPO Ouvrir la console de Gestion des stratégies de groupes, sélectionner …

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Enterprise CA: Installation and Configuration with Windows Server

Management console

In this tutorial, I will explain how to set up an enterprise CA that is linked to an Active Directory, unlike the stand-alone CA. This type of CA allows you to automate certificate generation with direct submission to the CA. Automatically issue computer and user certificates to, for example, secure VPN access with Windows NPS. …

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