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Posts tagged as “Domain”

Active Directory : increase the functional level of the domain and the forest


Presentation The functional level of the domain and forest corresponds to the “version” of your Active Directory environment and allows access to more or fewer features depending on the level of each. Mainly this level change occurs when upgrading to Windows when replacing / migrating domain controllers. The version change may also be necessary for the installation of new service…

Active directory: How to set up a child domain


In this tutorial, we will see how to put a child domain in an Active Directory tree. A child domain is a subdomain of one of the component domains in your Active Directory forest. Subdomain segmentation allows for logical partitioning of the domain. Active Directory and also to apply rights delegations on children.

How to deploy an Active Directory environment


In this tutorial, we will see how to set up an Active Directory domain.

In summary, an Active Directory is a database (LDAP) that contains a set of objects (users, computers, etc.) and delivers several services:

Centralization of objects on the network in a single database
User Authentication
Rights management
Policy Application (GPO)

Network Drive Mapping: GPO and Script


Presentation When setting up an Active Directory, one of the first things you want to put and automatic network drive mapping to different users. As a reminder, a network drive is a share presented to a post / user in the form of a letter such as a hard disk / usb key …. Implementing network drive mapping In this…

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