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Posts published in “Windows Desktop”

Windows 10: Using the sandbox


Presentation Windows 10 Sandbox allows you to launch an isolated Windows 10 (build 18342) environment to perform tests in all security. Prerequisites Enable virtualization in the BIOS. Have Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. Installation Open the Control Panel, go to Programs and Features, and click Enable or Disable Windows Features 1 . Check Windows Sandbox 1 and click OK 2…

Windows 10: Install an IIS web server


Presentation In this article, I will explain how to install an IIS web server on a computer with Windows 10. IIS is a Web server developed by Microsoft that is also available on servers. The version installed on the client is called IIS Express, it is perfect for testing locally. Installation 1. Open the Control Panel and go to Programs…

Windows 10: Installing the Telnet Client


Telnet is a command line utility that is routinely used in network and system administration to test communication between their machine. Telnet (or telecommunication network, or teletype network) is a protocol used on any TCP / IP network, to communicate with a remote server by exchanging lines of text and receiving answers also in text form Source : wikipédia Telnet…

Windows 10: disable defender


Sometimes, for testing purposes, it is necessary to disable the real-time antivirus protection. Here’s how to do it with disable defender on Windows 10. 1. Open the “1” settings of Windows 10 accessible through the start menu. 2. Click Update and Security 1 >. 3. Go to Windows Security 1 and click on Open Windows Security 2 . 4. Go…

Windows: clean the WinSXS folder


The C: \ Windows \ WinSXS folder is the location of the component store files that allows for the addition of features, roles, and updates. With time the repertoire can become very large. I will explain how to clean it. I also advise you to clean this folder on your reference images with capturing them. To clean the WinSXS folder,…

Windows: make a sysprep


Presentation Sysprep is a Windows utility that allows you to prepare a system for deployment. This operation generates a new SID when you install Windows. On the same Active Directory domain, there must be Windows with the SID. To capture an image with WDS, the installation must have been prepared with a sysprep. Realize the sysprep 1. Open a command…

Create a bootable USB key with Rufus


We will see how to create a bootable USB key with Rufus, in the example of this tutorial, I will create a usb key with Windows 10. You can apply this tutorial with any ISO (Windows, Linux, VMware …) To create a bootable usb key you need: A USB key 4/8 /16GO according to the ISO The ISO of the…

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