GPO: add a registry key

Intro In this tutorial, we will see how using a group policy, add a registry key. With group policies, it is also possible to delete or modify the value of an existing key Depending on the hive (HKLM / HKCU), the strategy should be placed on the correct OU (Organizational unit) and the correct computer …

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GPO: Central store

Vérification via l'éditeur de l'utilisation du magasin central

Presentation of the central store The central store makes it possible to share and synchronize all of the Group Policy Definition (ADMX) files on all of the domain controllers by relying on the SYSVOL folder. By default the ADMX files are in the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions folder which is specific to each domain controller. It is also …

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Active Directory: access the Active Directory Schema console

The Active Directory Schema console is not available natively, it is necessary to register it in order to access it. This console is to be used with great care, improper handling can put the entire Active Directory forest in error. This console gives access to the role FSMO: Schema Master. 1. Open a command prompt …

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Create an Active Directory environment in PowerShell

Introduction In this tutorial, we will see how to create an Active Directory environment using PowerShell, that is to say the creation of the first domain controller which includes: The creation of the forest The creation of the domain The Active Directory tutorial: installing and configuring a domain controller explains how to do it using …

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GPO: User Folder Redirection

Aperçu de la stratégie

Presentation User Folder Redirection allows Windows to store the contents of certain user profile folders on a network location. This solution has the following advantages: No local file storage. Possibility for users to change computers and find their folders and files. In an RDS environment, you can have the same documents on the user computers …

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