Exchange 2016: Installation and Configuration

Configuration: add a database

In Exchange 2016, databases are a group of mailboxes that share the same volumetric setting.

Depending on your type of Exchange 2016 license, the number of active mailboxes varies:

  • 5 for the standard version
  • unlimited for the enterprise version

1. From the ECP interface, go to servers 1 / databases 2 and click on + 3 .

Add database

2. Enter the database name 1 , the file location 2 and logs 3 and click Save 4 .

New database

3. Click OK 1 to close the warning message.


4. The new database, select 1 then click on the edit icon 2 .

Edit database

5. Go to 1 limits and configure them as needed 2 then click on Save 3 .

Edit limit

6. Restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.

FYI: the limits applied by a database can be circumvented by directly modifying the same limits at the level of the box.