Exchange 2016: Installation and Configuration

Configuration: add a domain

During installation, the default domain in Exchange is this one from your Active Directory domain. If this is not the mail domain, we will see how to add a domain.

1. From the ECP interface, click mail flow 1 / accepted domains 2 to view the domains managed by Exchange. Click on + 3 to add a domain.

Domain in Exchange

2. Enter a name to identify the domain 1 then the domain name 2 and click Save 3 .

add domain

3. The domain is added.

Domain added

4. Skip the default domain: select the domain 1 , click on the edit icon 2 , check the box Define this domain as default domain 3 and click Save 4 .

Domain by default

This manipulation does not make the domain for mailboxes by default, for this you have to modify the mail address strategy.