Exchange 2016: Installation and Configuration

Configuration: Enable Circular Logging

Circular logging allows Microsoft Exchange to replace transaction log files after the data is saved and committed to the database.

If you plan to have the database in high availability (DAG), enable logging after it is put into the dag.

Log truncation can also be provided by backup software (Veeam / BackupExec …).

1. From the ECP interface, go to servers 1 / databases 2 . Select base 3 then click on the modification icon 4 . Go to the maintenance section 5 , check the box Enable circular logging 6 and click on Save 7 .

Configure circular logging

2. To apply the parameters, it is necessary to disassemble / reassemble the base, close the warning by clicking on OK 1 .


3. Select base 1 , click on 2 / Disassemble 3 .

Unmount DB

4. Confirm by clicking Yes 1


5. The base is unmounter, select the base 1 again, click on 2 then on 3 .

Mount DB

6. The database is mounted.

database mounted