GPO: Disable Server Manager at Logon


When logging on to a Windows Server (since 2008), the server manager opens automatically, but you do not necessarily need it.

Personally, I even find that it tends to slow down the system.

In this tutorial we will see how to disable it with a GPO.

GPO: disable the server manager

1. From the Group Policy Management Console, create a new policy on the OU where the servers are or at the root. Right-click on location 1 and click Create GPO in this area, and link it here 2 .
Create GPO

2. Enter the name of the strategy 1 and click OK 2 .
GPO name

3. Change the GPO and go to Location: Computer Configuration / Policies / Administrative Templates / System / Server Manager and edit the setting Do not automatically display Server Manager at logon 1 .

4. Activate parameter 1 then click on Apply 2 and OK 3 .
Active parameter

5. The strategy is ready to be applied.


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