Disable server manager at logon

If you’re used to connecting to Windows servers, you may have noticed that Server Manager opens every time, although handy, this tends to “slow” the login and is intrusive especially when you don’t need it. I will explain how to disable its automatic opening. If you have already closed it, open the server manager. Click …

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File Server Resource Manager – FSRM – Files Filter

Console du Gestionnaire de ressources du serveur de fichiers

File Server Resource Manager Overview In this tutorial, I will introduce the File Server Resource Manager FSRM, which is a feature of the File Server role. FSRM allows several things at the file server level: Quota application on a folder Automatic tasks on folders and files (automatic archiving of unopened files from xxxx) Storage report …

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GLPI : add custom fields

Page web Fields

In this tutorial, we will see how to add custom fields using the Fields plugin. Fields allows you to add custom field blocks in the different elements of GLPI to customize the information. To illustrate this tutorial, we will add fields to the computers to save the backup information. For the fields, I relied on …

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