Jenkins: centralizing the management of scheduled tasks

Creating a job

In this part, we will see how to create our first job, which will execute the IPCONFIG command. Having not yet declared other nodes, the job will be executed on the Jenkins server itself.

The job that will be created in this part will be used later in the other chapters of this tutorial.

From the home page, click on create a new job 1 .

New job

Name the job 1 , select Build a free-style project 2 and click OK 3 .

Project name and type

Give a description 1 and click on Build 2 .

Job configuration

Click the Add a step to build 1 button and choose Run a Windows batch command line 2 .

Add step at build

Enter the command to execute 1 and click Save 2 .

Command for Jenkins job

The project is created, to test it, click on Start the build 1 .

Start job - Jenkins

In historical widget, we see that the job has been executed 1 .

build history - Jenkins

Hover over the job number, click on the arrow to open the menu and click on Console Output 1 .

Console Output

The result of the command appears as if it had been run directly from a Windows command window.

Result command