Jenkins: centralizing the management of scheduled tasks

Run the task on remote node

From the Jenkins home page, hover the mouse cursor over the project name, click on the arrow to pull down the menu and click on Configure 1.

Edit job - Jenkins

In the General section of the job, check the Restrict box where the project can be executed 1 , in the Expression field enter the name of the agent 2 and click on the proposition 3 for select the agent.

Select agent - jenkins

The selected agent, click on Save 1 .

Save job - Jenkins

Click on Start a build 1 , when it is executed display the output 2 .

The console return displays the IP configuration of the agent.

Jenkins - console remote agent

Run multiple commands

It is possible to execute several commands afterwards as if a batch file is executed. In the Build part of the job the list of commands to execute.

Multiple commands

On the console output, we can see the execution of both commands.

Output console