Jenkins: centralizing the management of scheduled tasks

Jenkins post-installation configuration

If your browser does not open automatically at the end of the installation, run it manually and enter the following address: http: // localhost: 8080. Wait during Jenkins full start.

Wait load

Before starting the configuration, you must unblock it following the instructions.

Unlock Jenkins

Open the file initalAdminPassword and copy the password 1 .

Initial password

Paste the password in the field 1 and click Continue 2 .


Click Install Suggested Plugins 1 .


Wait while installing the plugins …

Create an administrator account by filling in the form 1 and clicking on Save and Continue 2 .

Admin account configuration

Configure the Jenkins Service URL 1 and click Save and Complete 2 .

Configure URL - Jenkins

The configuration of the URL will allow access to the remote agent to communicate with the server, if you leave or localhost the agents will not be able to be installed.

The post-installation configuration is complete, click on the button Start using Jenkins 1 .

Configuration completed