WSUS – Installation and configuration – Windows Server Update Service

Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019

Computer configuration

In this part, we will see how to configure the stations (server and client) so that they come to contact the WSUS server.

In a domain by GPO

The settings in the policy apply at the item level.

Personally, I do not advise you to make a single strategy for your entire fleet, I advise you to do two strategies, one for workstations and one for servers.

1. Open the Group Policy Management console, right-click on the OR 1 where you want to apply the strategy and click on Create GPO in this area, and link it here 2 .

Nouvelle stratégie

2. Name GPO 1 and click OK 2 .

Nommer la stratégie

3. Right click on the created strategy 1 and click on Edit 2 .

Modifier la stratégie

4. Go to the Computer Configuration / Policies / Administrative Templates / Windows Component / Windows Update folder. In this folder is the set of configurable parameters for the behavior of Windows Update.

Parametre Windows update

5. Change the setting Specify Microsoft Update Service Intranet Location, Enable 1 , Specify Server URL 2 , and then click Apply 3 and OK 4.

Source mises à jour

6. Change the setting: Automatic Updates Service Configuration, Enable 1 , configure Windows Update behavior 2 then click Apply 3 and OK 4 .

Comportement Windows Update

In the Help section you will find explanations of the different behaviors available.

7. (Optional) Enable parameter: No automatic restart with connected users for scheduled installations, this avoids having a machine that restarts automatically when connected to it.

Désactiver le redémarrage auto

8. The strategy is ready, it must wait until it applies.

Manual configuration

If you have out-of-domain extensions in your network, it is still possible to configure the extensions to use the WSUS server.

1. Download WSUS WORKGROUP and execute the.

2. On the Main tab 1 , configure the WSUS server URL 2 and the behavior of Windows Update 3 .

WSUS Workgroup config

3. (Optional) Go to the Advanced 1 tab and adjust the parameters according to the desired behavior.

WSUS Workgroup config

4. Click Activate WSUS button 1 .

WSUS Workgroup appliquer config

5. Confirm the application by clicking Yes 1 .


6. (Optional) The application offers to save the registry before applying the settings, click Save 1 .

Sauvegarde registre avant application

If you do not want to save, click Cancel

7. Click OK 1 to close the information window.


Check the configuration application

1. On the WSUS Administration Console, go to Computers / All Computers / Unattached Computers 1 , the extensions that contact the server should be displayed.

WSUS Console ordinateurs

If you have Approve updates for All Computers, the workstations will start downloading updates after sending a first report that will allow the WSUS service to offer the available updates.