Office 365 with Active Directory Synchronization: Add an Alias to a Mailbox

To add an alias to a mailbox in an Office 365 environment whose Active Directory is synchronized, you must use the local directory (On Premise) to add the alias in the proxyaddresses attribute.

1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers console and verify that the Advanced Features view is enabled 1 .
Console AD

2. Right-click on the user 1 then click on Properties 2 .

3. Go to Attribute Editor tab 1 , find and select proxyAddresses 2 and click Edit 3 .

4. Enter the alias to add (smtp:[email protected]) 1 and click on Add 2 .

5. The address is added 1 , click OK 2 to close the editor.

6. Apply the properties of the user.

7. The alias will be added during the next synchronization cycle.



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