Share a folder in PowerShell

Create a share with PowerShell: This tutorial explains how to share a folder in Powershell granting full access to Everyone. The folder to be shared must already exist on the server. Open a PowerShell window On the server, open a PowerShell command prompt as Administrator. Use the New-SmbShare cmdlet Enter the following command to create …

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Create a folder in PowerShell

To create a folder in PowerShell, use the New-Item cmdlet indicating the location and name of the folder and set the itemType parameter with the value Directory to indicate that you want to create a folder.

GPO: User Folder Redirection

Aperçu de la stratégie

Presentation User Folder Redirection allows Windows to store the contents of certain user profile folders on a network location. This solution has the following advantages: No local file storage. Possibility for users to change computers and find their folders and files. In an RDS environment, you can have the same documents on the user computers …

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QNAP: add a shared folder

Share added

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a shared folder with a QNAP NAS and access it from Windows. Creating the shared folder 1. Go to the administration interface and open Control Panel 1 . 2. In the Privilege 1 section, click Shared Folders 2 . 3. Click Create 1 / Shared Folder …

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