Log root SSH on Ubuntu

Set a root password

Allow SSH connection as Root Edit the following file: / etc / ssh / sshd_config Comment the following line:

Add below:

Restart the SSH service

You should now be able to log in as root with Putty and WinSCP.


MariaDB : Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’

Just after installing MariaDB on Ubuntu / Debian, this error may appear if you try to connect with phpMyadmin. Here’s how to work around the problem. 1. Open an SSH connection on the server. 2. Enter the following commands:

3. Restart the MariaDB service. It is now possible to connect with the admin user …

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Apache2 with PHP-FPM

Presentation PHP-FPM is another way to use PHP with Apache2, we forget the libmod-apache2-phpX. PHP-FPM is a variant of FAST-CGI. PHP-FPM has the advantage of no longer being embedded in Apache. So PHP is used / called when needed.(When an image is requested PHP does not need to be loaded). PHP-FPM installs PHP as a …

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Centreon: installation, configuration and supervision of equipment

In this tutorial, we will see how to set up Centreon, which is a Linux (CentOS) monitoring solution. The points addressed are the following: Distribution installation Installation of Centreon Configuration Centreon Supervision of a switch and a Windows server. 1. Start on the ISO. 2. Select CENTOS language 1 and click on Continue 2. 3. …

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