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Posts published in “Linux”

Apache2 with PHP-FPM


Presentation PHP-FPM is another way to use PHP with Apache2, we forget the libmod-apache2-phpX. PHP-FPM is a variant of FAST-CGI. PHP-FPM has the advantage of no longer being embedded in Apache. So PHP is used / called when needed.(When an image is requested PHP does not need to be loaded). PHP-FPM installs PHP as a service and it is launched…

Centreon: installation, configuration and supervision of equipment


In this tutorial, we will see how to set up Centreon, which is a Linux (CentOS) monitoring solution. The points addressed are the following: Distribution installation Installation of Centreon Configuration Centreon Supervision of a switch and a Windows server. [nextpage title=”Installation of the distribution by an ISO”] 1. Start on the ISO. 2. Select CENTOS language 1 and click on…

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