Docker: installation and concrete use on Ubuntu

In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to install Docker on Ubuntu and then through a concrete example how and why to use Docker. At the time of writing this tutorial (in 2021) as SysAdmin, I was having a hard time finding a concrete use for containers including Docker (so I’ll let you …

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SSH: authentication by keys


In this tutorial, I will explain how to connect to a linux server / computer in SSH without password using a key pair (private / public). Generate the key pair with ssh-keygen To generate a pair of keys, you must have an SSH client available, it is possible to do it from Windows 10 or …

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Ubuntu: create a user and add it to the sudo group

Small memo to create a user on Ubuntu and add it to the sudo group: Enter the password for the current user (sudo) if necessary, then enter the password for the new account twice and enter additional information as required. Confirm the information by pressing Enter. Now we add the user to the sudo group. …

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