WSUS: automatic approval of updates


In this tutorial, we will see how to automatically approve definition updates on WSUS.

Definition updates are available almost daily, automatic approval avoids doing so.

Approve updates automatically

1. Go to the WSUS console in Options 1 and click on Automatic Approvals 2 .
Wsus - options

2. Click New Rule 1 .
New rule

3. Check the box When an update is in a precise classification 1 then click on all the classifications 2 in the lower part.
Config rule

4. Select Definitions Updates classification 1 and click OK 2 .
Select item

5. Enter a name 1 and click OK 2 .
name the rule

6. Check that the rule is checked 1 then click on Apply 2 and OK 3 .
apply the rule


The rule creation to approve automatic updates makes administration easier, however you have to be careful because some updates can change the behavior of Windows.

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