Veeam – extracting a backup with the Export Backup


With version 9.5u4, a new feature has been added to Veeam which is the Export Backup.

The export backup is used to extract (export) files from a backup, a restore point of a virtual machine.

This feature can, for example, make it possible to extract from a backup chain a virtual machine that is deleted but that one wishes to keep to one side.

This makes it possible to export a backup of an application server an old version that one might need for consultation.

Export a backup

1. From the Veeam Console, click Export Backup 1 to launch the assistant.
Console Veeam

2. Click Add 1 to open the list of available backups.
Add backup

3. Select Computer Backup 1 and click Add 2 .
Select backup

4. optional – it is possible to select a particular restore point, by default the last point will be used. Select the backup 1 and click on Point 2 .
Select point

5. optional – Select save point 1 and click OK 2 .
Select backup point

6. Click Next 1 .
Backup selected

It is possible to configure a retention time for an automatic export deletion.

7. Indicate a reason if necessary and click Next 1 .

8. Click Finish 1 to start the Export Backup.
Start export backup

9. Wait while extracting the backup …

10. When the export is complete, click Close 1 .

11. Go to Disk (Imported) 1 to access export 2 .


This new feature allows you to keep a backup of a computer at a specific time.

It is now easy to keep a virtual machine or a computer that is no longer running.

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