Veeam: Instant Restore with Instant Recovery

Veeam’s Instant Recovery feature lets you restart a virtual machine instantly without having to restore the entire storage. Access to the VM file is redirected from the backup files.

This feature is available with virtual machine backups and with agents.

Perform an instant restore under Hyper-V

1. Right-click on the 1 machine to restore and click on Instant Recovery to Hyper-V VM … 2 .
Veeam instant recovery

2. When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .
Assistant Instant Recovery

3. Click Host … 1 to specify the restore server.
Select host

4. Select the restore server 1 and click the OK 2 button.
Sélectionner le serveur

5. Once the server is selected, click Next 1 .
Valid host

6. If necessary, change the location of the virtual machine files on the Hyper-V host and click Next 1 .
Directory fils VM

7. Configure the network cards 1 then click Next 2 .
Configuration réseau

8. Click Next 1 .
Veeam IR

At this stage, it is possible to change the name and system UUID of the machine to avoid duplicates on the network.

9. Click Next 1 .

10. Click Finish 1 to start the restoration.
Confirmer la restauration

11. Wait while restoring …

12. Waiting for user action … Click Close 1 to exit the window.
Restauration terminée

13. In the menu on the left, you can see the status of the Instant Recovery VM 1 .
Instant recovery en cours....

14. Go to the Hyper-V console and check that the virtual machine 1 is functioning properly.
Ordianteur virtuel dans la console Hyper-V

15. Once the validated operation of your virtual machine has been validated, it is possible to put it back into production, return the Veeam console, right click on the virtual machine in Instant Recovery 1 and click on Migrate to production 2 .
Remise en production de l'ordinateur

16. Wait during the restoration, it is possible to follow the progress in the current tasks from the Veeam console.

17. Returning to the Hyper-V console, the snapshots of the VM should be removed.
Ordinateur restauré

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