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MDT: Generate the WinPE installation image

We will see how to generate the WinPE image, which will allow the deployment of Windows with MDT.

Configuring the WinPE environment

Depuis la console d’administration, faire un clic droit sur le partage 1 et cliquer sur Propriétés.

Ouvrir les propriétés du partage

Go to the Windows PE tab 1, choose the version 2 and the images to generate 3 then go to the Features tab 4.

Winpe config general

On the screenshot above, I configure the X64 image which will be generated in WIM and ISO format.

The Features tab allows you to add additional components to the WinPE environment, once the configuration is complete, click on Apply 1 and OK 2 to close the properties window.

Configuration des fonctionnalités.

The Drivers and Patches tab allows you to choose the drivers to inject, by default all network drivers and storage controllers are added to the image.

Generate WinPE image

Right click on the share 1 and click on Update Deployment Share 2 to launch the wizard.

Lancer l'assistant de génération.

When the wizard is launched, click on Next 1.

Option de génération

Since this is the first generation of image, it will be complete, in order to save time during modifications and regeneration, the image is updated according to the modifications. It is possible to redo a full generation by selecting the Completely regenerate the boot images option.

A summary of the action is displayed, click on Next 1.

Wait while creating WinPE images …

When the generation is finished, click on Finish 1 to close the wizard.

Image WinPE generee

With Windows Explorer, go to the Boot folder of the deployment share to recover the generated images.

Image files

The image in WIM format can be used with WDS to use it in PXE and the ISO file can be burned, be put on a USB key or used in Hyper-V / VMware.