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Create a bootable USB key with Rufus


We will see how to create a bootable USB key with Rufus, in the example of this tutorial, I will create a usb key with Windows 10.

You can apply this tutorial with any ISO (Windows, Linux, VMware …)

To create a bootable usb key you need:

  • A USB key 4/8 /16GO according to the ISO
  • The ISO of the operating system.

1. Download Rufus.

2. Run the program.
Exe rufus

3. Select the USB key 1 and click on SELECTION 2 .

4. Select ISO file 1 and click on Open 2 .
Choisir l ISO

5. Click on START 1 to start the creation of the bootable usb key.
Démarrer la création

In 99% of cases, you do not need to change the options.

6. Click OK 1 to confirm the formatting of the key.
Confirmer le formatage

7. Wait while creating …

8. When the key is complete, click on CLOSE 1 .
Clef terminee

All you have to do is start on the key to install your operating system.

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