Deploy Windows with MDT and WDS

First steps with the MDT console

As you can see, several folders are available under the MDT Deployment Share environment.

Environnement MDT


It is in this folder that we will add the applications that we want to install when deploying an OS.

MDT does not allow automatic application deployment on already installed workstations. There is however a way to start making a task sequence to be able to manually install the proposed applications.

Operating Systems

This file will contain all the operating systems.

Out-of-Box Drivers

This is where you will need to store the drivers for the various stations.


This folder is similar to that of applications, it may contain Windows patches to install during deployment.

Task Sequences

Contains the list of task sequences. A sequence of tasks is a set of actions to be carried out during deployment

Advanced Configuration

This folder allows you to enter the advanced configuration of MDT


When this is activated, it is possible to follow the deployment of the stations in progress.

Now that we have toured the console, we will create the boot image, which will allow the installation of Windows.

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