Change password from the interface RDWEB


In this tutorial, I will explain how to allow users to change their passwords using the Web Access portal available in a deployment of an RDS farm.

To allow password change, you must have RDWEB Access published

This solution allows users working exclusively on an RDS environment to change their password when it has expired. When the password has expired, you cannot connect to Remote Desktop Services.

Examples of use

  1. People outside the company have their expired password.
  2. Users working on thin clients can no longer log in because their password has expired.
  3. Users work on non-domain workstations.

Activate password change via RDWeb interface

At least step 1 is enough, when a user has his expired password, it is enough to connect to the RDWEB page so that he is invited to change the password

Step 1: authorize password change

First you have to activate the possibility to change the password on the web interface.

Go to the IIS console of the server that has the RDWeb functionality, scroll down Default Web Site / RDWeb and click on Pages 1 then open the Application parameters 2.

Open the PasswordChangeEnable 1 parameter by double clicking on it, change the value to True 2 then click on OK 3 to validate.

Edit IIS config

Go to the web access identification page with a user with their expired password, when identifying a message appears with a new link under the form. Click on it to access the password change.

Alert password expired

Users can now change their password when it has expired.

Form password RDWEB

Step 2: allow password change at any time

To allow users to change their password whenever they want, a link must be added to the change password page.

Open the login.aspx file with a Notepad ++ type editor as administrator, which can be found in the following location: C: \ Windows \ Web \ RDWeb \ Pages \ us-US on the RDWeb Access server.

Find the following lines:

<tr id="trPasswordExpiredNoChange" <%=strErrorMessageRowStyle%> > 
                    <td height="20"> </td>
                    <td><span class="wrng"><%=L_PasswordExpiredNoChange_Text%></span></td> 

Add after:

     <td align="right"> <a href="password.aspx" title="Changer votre mot de passe">Cliquer ici</a> pour changer votre de passe. 

On the authentication page, a link allows you to change your password.

By clicking on the link, users arrive on the following form:

Now your users can change their password whenever they want and from anywhere.

In addition to this article I invite you to read this one which will allow you to alert users of the expiration of their password at login.

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