Alert users to change their password

The following VBS script displays an alert to users at login that the password is soon to expire.

The script

' Days before to alert user 
QtDiasAviso = 7 
RedirectRdWeb = true
UrlRDWEB = "https://monserveur/RDWeb/Pages/fr-FR/password.aspx"
Message_alert = ""
Set oTranslate = CreateObject("NameTranslate") 
Set oNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network") 
Set wshell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

oTranslate.Init 3,"" 
oTranslate.Set 3, oNetwork.UserDomain & "\" & oNetwork.UserName 
Set objUserLDAP = GetObject _ 
intCurrentValue = objUserLDAP.Get("userAccountControl") 
' Check if user account have date to password expires 
If not intCurrentValue and ADS_UF_DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWD Then 
    ' Determine when password expires and calculate the days 
    ' Instead of PasswordExpirationDate, you can use the accountExpirationDate property, depending on the case 
    SenhaAlt = DateDiff("d",date,objUserLDAP.PasswordExpirationDate) 
    ' If password will expire 
    if (SenhaAlt <= QtDiasAviso) then
    Message_alert = "Votre mot de passe expire dans  " &amp; SenhaAlt &amp; " jour(s) " &amp; vbCrLf &amp; vbCrLf &amp; "Merci de le changer dès que possible"
    if(RedirectRdWeb = true) then
      Message_alert = Message_alert &amp; vbCrLf &amp; vbCrLf &amp; "Une page intranet va s'ouvrir pour vous permettre le changement"
    end if
     MsgBox Message_alert, vbExclamation,"Expiration de votre mot de passe"
    if(RedirectRdWeb = true) then
      wshell.Run UrlRDWEB
    end if
    end if 
end if


Customizing the script

line 2 :

QtDiasAviso = 7

Number of days the message begins to appear

line 3 :

RedirectRdWeb = true

True : opens the page defined in the UrlRDWEB variable when the user clicks OK

False : Close the window when the user click OK

line 4 :

UrlRDWEB = "https://monserveur/RDWeb/Pages/fr-FR/password.aspx"

URL of the page where the user can change his password.

line 29,32 :

Customizing the message that is displayed to the user.

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