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Posts tagged as “vbs”

Printer mapping: GPO and Script


When setting up an Active Directory, one of the things you want to set up automatically is the printer mapping to the different users. Before setting up GPOs, you must have shared your printers. As for mapping network drives, I’ll introduce you to two ways, the first using Group Policy (GPO) and using a vbs script that should run when…

Resolve temporary profile issues on RDS / TSE remote desktops


Context For multiple and often unknown reasons, users are connected to their session on a temporary profile. The user does not find his settings including the Outlook profile. All that is stored in the folder C:\Users\TEMP is not saved when they log off. If you apply a folder redirection GPO (desktop / documents …), the files and folders modified in…

Vbs: Check if a user is part of a group


The function below is used to check if a user is part of an AD group. The function returns True or False. ' ***************************************************** 'This function checks to see if the passed group name contains the current ' user as a member. Returns True or False Function IsMember(groupName) If IsEmpty(groupListD) then Set groupListD = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") groupListD.CompareMode = 1 ADSPath =…

Network Drive Mapping: GPO and Script


Presentation When setting up an Active Directory, one of the first things you want to put and automatic network drive mapping to different users. As a reminder, a network drive is a share presented to a post / user in the form of a letter such as a hard disk / usb key …. Implementing network drive mapping In this…

Vbs: IIS log rotation script


Unlike linux, Windows does not have a task for log rotation. Below is a Vbs script that allows you to do this rotation. By adapting the sLogFolder variable, it is possible to run this script for any location where there are log files. '# source : sLogFolder = "c:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles" 'Emplacement des logs iMaxAge = 30 'Retention en jours Set…

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