Veeam : Automatically backup virtual machines on Hyper-V

Configuring the job in Veeam


1. Go to the Veeam console and edit the job.

2. Go to the Virtual Machines 1 section and click Add … 2 .
Modification du job

On the screenshot below, we notice the virtual machines were manually added to the job.

3. Select the storage object 1 , pull the servers to find the folder 2 where the virtual machines are stored and click on Add 3 .
Sélection du stockage

4. Select the virtual machines to delete 1 , click Remove 2 .
Supprimer les vms présentes

5. All that remains is storage 1 in the job source. Click on Finish 2 .

With this configuration, all virtual machines in the job location will be automatically backed up.

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