NLB: Windows Installation and Configuration 2012R2 / 2016 – Network Load Balancing

Unicast configuration

Setting up unicast network cards

The following operations are to be done on each server that will compose the cluster, the IP addresses are to be adapted according to your configuration.

1. Open the network connections and identify the cards.

Connexions réseaux

2. Go to the properties of the TCP / IPV4 protocol of the NLB network card and set its address 1 without setting Default Gateway and DNS server and click on Advanced … 2.

Parametrage IPv4

3. Go to the DNS 1 tab, uncheck the box 2 Save the addresses of this connection in the DNS system and click on OK 3 to validate the parameters.

Parametres avances

4. Click OK to validate the IP address of the card.

Cluster creation

In this part, we will create the NLB cluster, which will initially consist of a single node.

1. Open the administration console.


2. Right-click Network Load Balancing Clusters and click New Cluster 1.

Nouveau cluster

3. Enter the name of Host 1 and click on Connection 2.

Entrer le nom d'un hote

4. Select the interface dedicated to cluster 1 and click Next 2.

Sélectionner interface NLB

5. Click Next 1.

Valider la config IP

6. Click Add 1 to set a virtual address to the cluster.

Ajouter une IP au cluster

7. Enter the IPv4 Address and Subnet Mask 1 of the cluster and click OK 2.

Configuration IP du cluster

8. Click Next 1.

Valider l'adresse

9. Enter the cluster name fqdn 1, select Unicast 2 and click Next 3.

Configuration du cluster

10. Click Edit … 1.

Aller aux paramètres avances

11. From this window it is possible to configure the cluster behavior:

Parametre avances du cluster
  • Define the ports used
  • Multiple Host (Active / Active) or Single Host (Active / Passive)
  • Affinity:
    • None: The connection will be sent to the host with the least connection, to use if no session is managed behind.
    • Unique: The connection will always be sent to the same host (recommended)
    • Network: Ability to manage the distribution according to the source network.

click OK or Cancel to close the window.

12. Click Finish 1 to create the cluster.

Terminer la configuration

13. The cluster is being configured 1.

Création en cours

14. The node has changed to green 1, the NLB cluster is functional.

Cluster operationel