Failover Clustering Windows 2016/2019 – Installation and Configuration


The failover clustering feature ensures high availability of a service by using multiple servers (nodes) that can make it work.

Some examples of services that can be used with the Failover Cluster feature:


  • 2 servers minimum having the same hardware and software configuration.
  • Nodes must be members of the same Active Directory domain.
  • A SAN type of storage which presents to all the servers the same LUNs.
  • A storage type SAN with a volume of 1 to 10 GB that will serve as a quorum.
  • Recommended: A network adapter dedicated to the cluster.

Configuration of the control disk (Quorum)

Quorum is a very important element of the Failover Cluster, it has 2 main functions:

  • Maintain online cluster maintaining a sufficient number of voters
  • Contains a copy of the cluster configuration.

More information on quorum :

The quorum configuration must be done on one of the nodes of the future failover cluster.

1. Present a LUN from 1 to 10GO to all nodes.

2. Open the Disk Manager. Right click on the disk and click on Online 1.

Mise en ligne du disque

3. Right-click on the disk again and click Initialize Disk 1 .

Initialisation du disque

4. Click OK 1 .

Valider le type de partition

Right click on the disk and click on New Simple Volume. This one must be formatted in NTFS and with the letter Q.

Dique de Quorum pour le cluster

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