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MDT: add Windows image

In this part, we will see how to add a Windows image to MDT.

Download the latest version of Windows 10 in ISO format using the Media Creator Tool.

Convert the ESD file to WIM format to import it into MDT.

Create a folder

In order to organize Windows images, they will be stored in a folder.

Right click on Operating System 1 and click on New Folder 2.

New folder

Name the folder 1 and click on Next 2.

Folder  name

Click on Next 1 to confirm the creation of the folder.

Confirme creat folder

Once the folder has been created, exit the wizard by clicking on Finish 1.

Folder created in MDT

The folder is accessible in the MDT console.


Import a Windows image into MDT

From the console, right click on folder 1 where the image should be stored and click on Import Operating System 2.

Import Windows image into MDT

Choose the type of image, to import a file in WIM format, choose Custom image file 1 and click on Next 2.

Choose the type of image

Indicate the location of the WIM file 1 to import and click on Next 2.

Location of the file to import

Click on Next 1.

Click again on Next 1, if necessary change the name of the folder.

A summary is displayed, click on Next 1 to import the operating system into MDT.

Confirm import

Wait during the import …

The import of the MDT image in Windows is finished, exit the wizard by clicking on Finish 1.

Import complete

The image has been added to the MDT console.