GPO: Make users administrator of their computer


In this tutorial, we are going to have how to set up a GPO to make the admin domain users of their computer.

Groupes locaux

The goal is to add the Domain Users group in the Administrators 1 group of the user station.

The Domain Admins group is already a member of the group.

Group Policy Configuration

1. From a domain controller, open the Group Policy Management Console.

2. Create a new strategy on the OU where the computers are stored, for that right click on the unit 1 and click Create a GPO object in this area, and link it here … 2.

Création d'une GPO.

3. Name strategy 1 and click OK 2.

Nommer la GPO

4. Right click on Strategy 1 and click on Edit 2.

Editer la GPO

5. Go to the Restricted Groups 1 setting found in: Computer Configuration> Policies> Windows Settings> Security Settings> Restricted Groups. Right click 2 and click Add Group 3.

Aller aux paramètres de la gpo

6. Click Browse 1.

Cliquer sur parcourir

7. Select the Domain 1 Users group and click OK 2.

Sélectionner les utilisateurs du domaine

8. Click OK 1.

Valider la sélection

9. Click the Add … 1 button at This group is a member of.

Cliquer sur Ajouter

10. In the Group 1 box enter BUILTIN\Administrators and click OK 2.

Entrer le nom du groupe

11. Click the Apply 1 and OK 2 buttons.


12. Domain 1 users are members of the BUILTIN\Administrators group.

Paramètres des groupes restreints

13. Going to the Settings 1 tab of the strategy, you can see the summary of GPO 2.

Résumé de la GPO

14. Restart the client computer.

15. Connect to the extension.

16. Open the computer manager (right-click on the Start button> Computer Management).

17. Go to Local Users and Groups 1 >, Groups 2. Double-click the Administrators group 3 and verify that the DOMAIN\Domain_Users group 4 is a member.

Utilisateurs du domaine administrateur de leur poste

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