Extend a Windows partition

In this tutorial, we will see how to extend a partition under Windows.

In which case extend a partition:

  • The partition does not use all available space on the physical disk
  • Increasing the size of a virtual disk
  • Increasing the size of a LUN on SAN storage.

Extend Partition

I assume that the space to be added is already available.

1. Open the Windows Disk Manager.

2. Right click on partition 1 to expand and click on Expand volume 2 .

Étendre volume

3. When the wizard opens, click Next 1 .


4. If this is not done automatically, select the volume in the left part 1 and click on Add 2 . The available space goes to the selected part 3 . Click Next 4 .

Sélection de l'espace disponible

In the example above, I use all the available space, if you wish it is possible to choose the space allocated by modifying the field Select the space in Mo.

5. Click Finish 1 to validate the extension and close the wizard.

Valider les modifications

6. It is finished, the partition is extended to the space available.

Volume étendu

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