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Add a Type A record to a Windows DNS server


A type A record resolves a name of the type xxxx.domain.tld to an IP address.

In an Active Directory environment, computers register with the DNS server when they have their IP address given by the DHCP service.

In business, this type of registration is often used for setting up web services.

If you decide to set up GLPI, you will probably need to add a record of this type glpi.domain.tld.

1. Go to the DNS Manager console, and open the direct search area where the record is to be added.
DNS Windows

2. Right-click in the box and click New Host (A or AAAA) 1 .
DNS Windows

Type A record = IPv4 and AAAA = IPv6

3. Enter the name (only the prefix) 1 then the IP address 2 and click on Add a host 3 .
DNS Windows add record A

4. Click OK 1 to close the confirmation window.
Record added

5. Windows leaves the window open to enter another host, click Done 1 to close the window.
Close windows

6. The record is added 1 .
DNS Windows

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