GPO : configure automatic session locking

Overview of the strategy

Presentation In this tutorial, we will see how to activate automatic session locking after a period of inactivity. This group policy increases the level of security, because many users do not lock their session when they leave their workstation. The parameters that we will configure apply to Users. Activate automatic session lock From a domain …

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Active Directory: authentication policy

Presentation of authentication policies With Windows Server 2012R2 and the new ADAC (Active Directory Administration Center) administration console, Microsoft has added authentication policies that provide an additional layer of security. In the summary of authentication policies will allow or not to allow a user logs on to a desktop or server, or vice versa control …

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File Server Resource Manager – FSRM – Files Filter

Console du Gestionnaire de ressources du serveur de fichiers

File Server Resource Manager Overview In this tutorial, I will introduce the File Server Resource Manager FSRM, which is a feature of the File Server role. FSRM allows several things at the file server level: Quota application on a folder Automatic tasks on folders and files (automatic archiving of unopened files from xxxx) Storage report …

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Active Directory Right Management Services: Installation and Configuration

protected document

AD RMS (Active Directory Right Management) is a Windows Server service that provides extended rights management for certain files. The system is similar to the DRM protection that protects intellectual property. In internal use, AD RMS extends NTFS security rights by limiting actions on a Word file by preventing the printing or saving of a …

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