MPIO: Installation and configuration

MPIO configuration


1. Open the control panel and click on MPIO 1 .

Acceder aux parametres MPIO

2. Go to the Discover multiple paths 1 tab. Select the 2 material available in the SPC-3 Compliant or Other area and click the Add 3 button. Finally click OK 4 .

Ajout du matériel compatible

If you use iSCSI technology, check the box Add iSCSI Device Support.

3. Confirm the restart by clicking Yes 1 .

Redemarrer le serveur

4. After restarting the server, open Disk Manager, right-click on a SAN volume, and click Properties 1 .

Acceder aux proprietes du disque

5. Go to MPIO tab 1 and check for multiple paths 2 .

Configuration du MPIO pour le disque

From this page, it is possible to configure how the paths are used (failover / simultaneously).

The different storage paths are now recognized by Windows.