MPIO: Installation and configuration

MPIO or MultiPath I / O is a Windows feature that allows multiple path support for storage. MPIO addresses two issues: performance and reliability. The majority of storage bays have two controllers for reliability reasons. Whether you are a SAN or a DAS, the servers are “attached” to the array via the two controllers, which …

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MPIO: Enable Path Check

By default, this feature is not enabled, the paths are checked during a problem. Enable path verification Open a PowerShell command prompt and enter the following command to check the status of PathVerificationState: To enable path checking, enter the following command: Restart the server to take account of the configuration.

Storage Pool: Change a Physical Disk

In this article, we will see how to change a failed physical disk. When a disk is in error, an icon appears at the pool and virtual disks. Change the disk Open a command prompt and enter the command below to view the physical disks and identify the disk in error. Enter the command below …

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EMC Unity 300 add a LUN

LUN created

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to add a LUN to a UNITY 300 storage array using the Unisphere Web interface. Before adding a LUN, hosts must be configured on the array. 1. On the web interface, go to Blocks 1 / LUNs 2 and click on the + to launch the Add Wizard. 2. …

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EMC Unity 300: Adding an FC Host

list initiator

In this tutorial, we will see how to configure a host on an EMC Unity 300 array. Before you begin, the server must be plugged into the array either directly attached or through fabrics. If you are plugging in multiple servers simultaneously, get the wwn to identify them. 1. On the Unisphere storage bay interface, …

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